A true role model and an inspiration in my life. She teaches me that no matter how many times life knocks you down, to stand back up on your feet and keep striving forward and keep on trying until you get there. At 48 she’s graduated and she’s still studying. I am proud to say, she’s my mother.

"Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave" - Prophet Muhammad
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Steamy window calligraphy. Says ‘Ali’ in Arabic. My role model.

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Something I say to myself to give my self that little confidence boost before I start a difficult task or challenge. We are all capable or exceeding what we are, and pushing our limit as to what we can achieve, but the first step is believing you can do something without the fear of failing. You got this 👊
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Wishing all my family, friends and followers a blessed Eid Al-Ghadeer Mubarak. On this day, the religion of Islam was completed with the appointment of Ali ibn Abu Talib (a) as the guide to humanity after Prophet Muhammad (s). 

The question that stands till today, is we will be like those who pledged their allegiance by words but acted in contradiction? Or will we be those who give our allegiance with our mind, body and soul? Are we really in a position to call ourselves the Shia of Ali ibn Abu Talib?
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Welcome to The Muslim Vibe!


Welcome to The Muslim Vibe!

In the name of God, the Creator of the Universe and the countless bounties that lie within it, whose mercy all life is dependant on and to The One to whom we shall return.

It give us great pleasure to announce the launch of The Muslim Vibe, a vast digital media network with the aim to promote ethical, positive, engaging, relevant and thought-provoking Islamic digital media content; which will be…

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Zain Awan explores the controversy surrounding Noble Peace Prize winnder Malala in Pakistan.

Malala Yousafzai shook the world with her story of bravery and valor when she stood for female education and took a bullet to her head fighting for her cause.
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If you can identify problems in society and in the world, don’t just complain about it - find a solution and help fix it.

Take responsibility.
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God is greater.

Finally sat down and hit pen to paper today and tried out some hand-lettering/graffiti-esque typography after God knows how long. Hope you like it 😊
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Happy Monday people. 

Self reminder: Don’t lose focus of your goals, your ambitions and what’s ahead of you. It’s easy to get distracted by petty and meaningless things and go off course, don’t let that happen.
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Look up.
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Engage with your challenges, tests and trials - don’t back down or try to avoid dealing with them. No matter how exhausted or weak you may feel, your choice is either to engage and beat your problems, or give up and get beat by your problems. Decide.
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Just finished filming an interview with George Galloway on his TV show on RT, discussing ISIS, Iraq, Syria and western intervention on the region.
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Back to work. #likeaboss.

Something about this picture and this news story that inspires me, this ethos and drive to carry on even through old age and illness. Wether or not you agree with everything he does or says, it’s something to think about. For me anyway 👊
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