In the name of Allah, I call on Ali ibn Abu Talib. Have a great week everyone. #MondayMorningMotivation
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Something I did a few years ago
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Ya Fatima ❤️
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#ThrowbackThursday lebanon 09. The good times.
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Use your brain like a kite…
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Woke up to this cutie 😊
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Tranquil yet dramatic scene from earlier today #reflection
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Ladies and gentlemen. The best business partner in the world; Salim Kassam #rzv2014. ❤️
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Those ones when you think you’re about to get killed…
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Sunset behind Canary Wharf #LDN
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Today’s look: rocking the authentic Asian chav look with a added twist of facial hair. #OOTD
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Plan ahead, think positive and do your best to create better outcomes - but always have the humility and know that God’s plan is greater than yours. #GodIsGreater
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Midnight epiphany. And yes I know some will say “that’s obvious” but I’ve been actually thinking about it not just accepting it. Jhyeeeeze.
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Another picture from yesterday. London is a beautiful city when you take a step back from it.
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