Back to work. #likeaboss.

Something about this picture and this news story that inspires me, this ethos and drive to carry on even through old age and illness. Wether or not you agree with everything he does or says, it’s something to think about. For me anyway 👊
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When you have your target in sight you can’t give up, no matter how tired you feel and no matter how painful it is, you have to keep on going or risk losing it all.

Keep on going.
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"There’s enough light for those who choose to see" - Ali ibn Abu Talib
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"Did protons and electrons create the earth, or did Allah say ‘be’ and create this birth?" #ThinkBig #JummahMubarak
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Seize your moment. God gives us all plenty of opportunities through the system of this work to excel and for us to propel forward. Don’t be negligent to these moments, seize them. 

Ya Ali Madad. Have a great week everyone. #operationfly
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Ideas: make them happen. #madewithstudio
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Ya Ali Madad.
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Went for a walk, and I ended up by the lake. It was breathtaking. 
ﺳﺒﺤﺎﻧﻚ ﻳﺎ ﺭﺏ
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Whatever it is you are working on this week, be it personal, work, spiritual, fitness or education - keep going! Progress is an uphill struggle, so don’t give up no matter how weak you feel and how hard the test is. Just remember that your pain is temporary. Have a good week :)
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Turn your pain into your power…

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Don’t lose hope.
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Happy Friday/Jummah Mubarak everyone 👊
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A new personal graphic design project; basically a 10 week countdown for some major deadlines coming up in my work life. And so each week would be a creative expression of how the 10 weeks at progressing, essentially it’s a visual reminder as well as a diary to look back on.

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Be a mountain, not a sheep.
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